Live Streaming

The GPS Live Streams are brought to you by the sponsors below! Click on the "G" to bring you to the YouTube channel to start watching a Live Stream. Check the schedules to find what channel each game is on.


Thank you to our Live Stream Sponsors! If you'd like to sponsor the Live Stream, contact Jon Koehmstedt at 701-352-1930.


Click on the school logo below to access their live stream service.

Langdon High School

Langdon Live Stream Link
Larimore Link

Larimore High School

May-Port CG High School

May-Port CG Live Stream Link
Hatton Link

Hatton High School

Park River High School

Park River Link
Northwood Link

Northwood High School

Minto High School

Minto Link
Midway Link

Midway High School

Valley-Edinburg High School

Valley-Edinburg Link
Thompson Link

Thompson High School

Cavalier High School

Cavalier Link
Hillsboro Link

Hillsboro High School

Finley-Sharon High School

Finley-Sharon Link
Central Valley Link

Central Valley High School

North Border High School

North Border Link
Drayton Link

Drayton High School