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Take a seat—at Grafton Public Schools’ new auditorium

posted Apr 29, 2015, 12:16 PM by Chris Larson
Fundraiser aims to provide audio, visual equipment

By Chris Larson

The auditorium at Grafton Public Schools’ new facility towards the south of the current Grafton High School is well on its way to fruition, and the GraftonARTS committee has started fundraising for the audio and visual equipment to go along with the auditorium.
The committee, steered by Grafton superintendent Jack Maus, is led by President Vonda Collette.
At an earlier meeting this year, the committee agreed that the need for the audio and visual equipment was great, and decided to form a fundraiser called ‘Take a Seat’.
The ‘Take a Seat’ campaign has been featured at a few local events, including the Grafton Public Schools’ parent/teacher conferences in March, and the March Far Off Broadway production of ‘Mama Won’t Fly’, which was held in the Central Middle School auditorium.
As a $150 donation to the GraftonARTS committee, an engraved nameplate will be permanently attached to a seat in the new auditorium.
The donation does not guarantee that specific seat for events held in the auditorium will be held for the donator.
The auditorium holds 400 seats.
As of April 15, more than 100 seats have already been purchased through the ‘Take a Seat’ campaign, according to Maus.
The donations will be used to purchase the audio and visual equipment, which includes the acoustical treatments for the new auditorium.
The auditorium will be used for school and community functions, including fine arts performances, school classes and community meetings.
To download a copy of the ‘Take a Seat’ sponsorship form, click here.
Chris Larson,
May 5, 2015, 12:17 PM