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posted Aug 10, 2015, 11:27 AM by Chris Larson   [ updated May 10, 2016, 8:49 AM by Jeff Rerick ]
Starting in 2015, Grafton Public Schools introduced online registration.  The purpose of online registration is to allow parents to avoid the long wait times during registration and register their students in the comfort of their own home.  GPSD #3 has signed a contract with K12 Online to host and provide the online registration service.

Current Students
Parents of students currently enrolled in GPSD #3 will log into PowerSchool and click on the K12 Online icon to get to their individual student's registration portal.  Parents of multiple students in the school will need to switch students after they have completed registering their current student.  They can do this by selecting the name just below the PowerSchool logo.  There may be occasions when the link will not open up correctly, just try a few more times and it will typically work.
*If you do not remember your password, please utilize the "forgot your password" link.  If there are any additional problems, please contact your respective school office at 701-352-1930; Opt 1 for Century Elementary, Opt 2 for Central Middle School and Opt 3 for Grafton High School.

New Students
New students will utilize the software to start their registration within the school system.  Users will navigate to the following schools URL which pertains to their current grade level, select New Student Registration and need access key.  From there, they will punch in their student's name and their email address.  An access key will be sent to the parent's email and they are able to go back to New Student Registration and enter in their access key.
URL's for new student registration follows (you may have to copy/paste or type the following URLs - they are known to not always work as a hyperlink):
Grafton High School (Grades 9-12):  https://secure.k12online.us/grafton-high-school
Central Middle School (Grades 5-8):  https://secure.k12online.us/central-middle-school
Century Elementary School (Grades PK-4):  https://secure.k12online.us/century-elementary-school